The Event Day

Start Times

The Double Bimble  10 am
The Full Bimble       10 am
The Half Bimble       10 am

There will be an event briefing at 9:30 am for ALL Bimble events. Late arrival means that you will have to start at the back of the Bimble group. If you miss the time slot for your Bimble you cannot join another Bimble! There are no exceptions to this rule.

All Bimbles will start and finish in Sand Pit Field.

Numbers and Chips: 

All numbers and chips will need to be collected ON THE DAY.
You will be able to collect your event number and chip from the administration point in Sandpit Field, just behind the Sea Front on Saturday the 17th Sept, between 8-9am.

Please ensure that you complete the form on the reverse of your race number. This is for your own safety; we need medical and contact information should anything prevent you finishing the race.

Please see a map of the key locations in Swanage

Changing: There will be a changing area on Sandpit Field.

Toilets: There will be toilets on Sand Pit Field – the Start/Finish area.

Please do not use the bushes as this will not endear us with anyone.

Baggage: There will be a baggage drop on Sand Pit Field for participants to store a single bag. You will need to have collected  your number to use this facility. We have limited space so please only bring a small bag and ensure that it is marked with your race number and name (we will provide labels).

Food & Drink: There will be food available on Sand Pit Field from 7:30 am serving breakfast baps etc. It’s not free so bring some money. Drinks will also be available with a small bar open later in the day.

Medals & Goody Bags: On completion of the marathon you will be presented with a medal and a Goody bag. Enjoy!

Presentations: Will take place around the bar at approximately 7 pm by which time we hope everyone will have finished.

Results: Results will be posted on our website as soon as possible after the event.

The finish area: Please note that friends and family will not be allowed into the area just behind the finish. We need to keep this clear for participants/first aiders etc.

Queries:  If you have any please send to

Feedback: We would appreciate all your feedback; good and bad. This will help ensure that this event improves every year. Thank you.

Finally, in Summary:

We will do everything to look after you on the day:

The Purbeck Full Bimble is around 29 miles – it’s More than a Marathon!

The Purbeck Half Bimble is around 19.5 miles – it’s More than a Half!

The Purbeck Double Bimble is around 49 miles – it’s BIG.

Start Times

The Double Bimble  10 am
The Full Bimble       10 am
The Half Bimble       10 am

Number collection is 8 – 9 am

Check in will be at the start, everyone will be required to check in before running – this is to ensure that everyone is accounted for.

There will be at least 1 checkpoint around the course, failure to check in will result in disqualification.

There is a course limit of 7 hours with progressive closures.

Medical support will be provided

Transport back to Swanage will be provided if needed

This will be a very challenging event. There is no classification for ‘very hilly’!!!!!! Please don’t expect it to be like a city event as it isn’t!

The coastal path is predominantly clay soil. This means that it becomes extremely muddy and slippery in damp weather but very hard and dusty in dry weather. Please bear this in mind.

You are likely to be sharing the route with walkers, runners and livestock. Please treat everyone and everything with the utmost respect. All gates must be closed behind you. Please do not leave any litter. If we leave a mess then we will not be allowed to run this event in the future.

The appropriate level of first aid cover will be provided however we would recommend that you carry a basic kit for your own use.

Every entrant should receive an email confirmation of their entry within 2 weeks of sending/submitting

This route has been tested regularly, not always in one go! We hope you enjoy cycling it as much as we do!

Everything we do is organized in order to raise money for local charities and organisations. Enjoy your day!